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 the company...


...having up to 800 vehicles / month the basic business of Cargo

   Terminal is the worldwide shipping of vehicles of all kind.

   Means, we are one of the leading companies for worldwide

   Car- and truck-shippings in the area of Frankfurt/Main.

   Accordingly we cooperating very closely with all leading    

    shipping companies and also airlines.


   Furthermore Cargo Terminal GmbH can offer their customers

   also all kinds of international transports, such as:


   - conventional ocean freight. as FCL Full container load or  

                                                       as LCL-less container load

   - airfreight .........................from „normal“ air freight via a

                                                    despatch via On Board Courier to

                                                    the full charter of a plane

   - truck-transports..............as full load, part load or as

                                                     combined transport


   In case of interest we can issue you a tailor made transport

   concept, especially for your requirements.


   Having only short decisionways we can act and react at a

   maximum flexibility.


   So don’t hesitate to give us a try...